I love snow, I promise.

Something annoying that I’m still dealing with, anytime I step outside into the frozen tundra that is my city… my chest muscles instantly tighten. I’m not sure how normal that is… but that is what’s goin on lately. It’s not fun. Although, I’m probably doing things that I shouldn’t be doing yet (mostly in regards to heavier lifting/pushing) and maybe that’s not helping matters any. But these muscles spasms still suck. Thank goat for muscle relaxers and wine.
I am back in the gym. I hate the gym. But it’s the one thing I can give to myself that I don’t have to share with anybody. And I really REALLY want my strength back. .  Just walking/stairs for now, and five pound weights. But it’s a start. (Laugh all you want about those light weights. You have your chesticles chopped off and re arranged and see what even 2lbs feels like then you can get at me!)

Just like last surgery… every day gets a tiny bit better. I’m just being impatient. I want my strength back, and I’ll gladly take even half of my life back at this point.

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