One month down

It’s been a month since the switch, and I’m slowly trying to ease into things. I still can’t do anything major (unless I want muscle spasms) but I’m getting there. Basic housework doesn’t completely exhaust me, so there is that. (Shout out to my oldest teenager, who has been a huge help with that as well).
My implants are starting to drop a little. It’s annoying that the right is lower than the left… but that’s life. I’ll wear my ace bandage a few hours a day to help gently encourage the left to get down to where it needs to be. In March, we see where they are settling and make any tweaks from there.
More than anything, I can not wait to get the scars tattooed over. I don’t mind having them…  but I’d definitely prefer to have something a little more  colorful in its place 🙂

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