Fat is good.

Maybe that extra 20lbs I put on last year might work out in my favor after all.
I had a follow up with my plastic surgeon.
So, after the mastectomy and reconstruction.. my Newbs actually don’t look too bad. But there is a spot on the left one that bothers me. And I feel like I’m making a big deal out of something so small… but there’s just a bit of puckering (for lack of better words) that at first I didn’t think would bug me so much… but as time goes on (and I notice it out of the side of bralettes)… *sigh*… I guess vanity is getting the better of me in this situation.
So, yes. Let’s do that fat grafting.  Please take as much fat from my stomach as you want, and inject that right into Newb areas. (We’re going to try this first anyway… there’s always the chance it won’t turn out the way we all hope it will… and if that is the case, then he will just cut that portion of skin out).
I’m ecstatic that I don’t have to go under anesthesia for this procedure. It’s a small area… so local will be fine. I’m not scared of being conscience during this. I’ve seen enough needles shoved into my boob area to last me a lifetime.

Honestly, I feel like…. *come on De, it’s stupid. It’s only the size of a quarter. It’s not that big a deal. Stop being a bitch about it*. Why this little spot bothers me more than the scars across my chest… I don’t know how to explain why this is. It just is.
Still a bit of road ahead I guess….  Still no regrets. Just a lot of learning experience…

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