and it sucks.
I had a fat grafting procedure, to kind of fill out some weird spots on the fake boobs.
I was ok with the idea of doing local anesthesia, but apparently people who suffer from chronic pain tend to fidget more during that? So he decided to go full on generalA. Which was fine. Scop patch for the win.
Instead of taking fat from my abdominal area (I wanted it taken from there, but apparently there wasn’t enough) so they went ahead and took it from my flanks. And it’s sort of funny because you’d think my love handles would be smaller… but they are currently swollen like crazy… so I’m kind of rocking a lovely spare tire, with the spanx on top. And people weren’t kidding… you definitely want to wear them. It makes the pain more bearable.

Not sure if there will be a next round for this… Have to let them settle (again) before we decide to do more grafting, or just say screw it and cut that piece of skin off that’s bothering me.

We’ll see. I know they will never be perfect. But like I always say, it beats what would have been the alternative eventually.

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